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Doing our part to end hunger on New York City streets.

Our mission is to provide a supermarket style environment where people are empowered to make selections based on their family needs.

We provide food and clothing to well over 150 individuals and families on a weekly basis.  The food assistance program also serves as an emergency food program for those in immediate need and those who have experienced temporary setbacks.  

We accept donations such as food, new or gently used shoes and clothing, toiletries and other personal care items.

Please contact the food assistance program if you or someone you know is in need of our services, would like to make a donation or desires to volunteer.  You can reach the food assistance program through the following options:

• General Line:  718-306-1000

• Stop by The CCC Annex at 1400 Linden Boulevard every Thursday from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM



CCC's Prison Ministry was founded years ago as a vehicle to disciple and evangelize incarcerated men and women by teaching them how to live life by seeing it from God's point of view. Acknowledging that all prisons are not constructed with steel and mortar, but can also be created in the mind, these individuals are encouraged to take responsibility for their thoughts, words and actions. Although our prison Bible Studies have been concentrated in upstate New York, other penal institutions across the state are reached via correspondence.



Are you uninsured or underinsured?  Are you struggling with the rising costs of prescription medication?

Pastor A. R. and Elder Karen Bernard have found a way to help alleviate some of the rising costs associated with the purchasing of prescription drugs.

Member Benefits:
•  Everyone Qualifies, no age limit or pre-existing condition restrictions
•  Immediate Acceptance, no waiting period
•  No membership or enrollment fees
•  Instant activation
•  No Limit on Usage
•  Savings on brand name and generic drugs as well as drugs not covered on other plans.
•  Accepted At Over 55,000 Pharmacies
•  Website access to a pharmacy locator and medication pricing

With Envision’s Prescription Drug Card, you will receive the lowest price available for your medication at over 55,000 pharmacies, including all major chains.  Simply present your card at a participating pharmacy and save on many of your prescription drugs.  You, your family, and your friends may use the savings card any time your prescription is not covered by insurance.  It even works for many pet medications!  Finding a pharmacy is easy:  8 out of 10 pharmacies nationwide accept your savings card.

There is also a convenient option for home or office delivery through the Mail Service affiliate, Orchard Pharmaceutical Services.  Visit www.orchardrx.com or call (866) 909-5170.

Click here to download the Prescription Savings Card.
Click here for Drug Pricing.
Click here to locate a participating Pharmacy. 
Please note that while this card provides discounts, it is not insurance.



If you have any questions or concerns about the college application process or would like to send us information to research, please contact the CCC Scholarship Search Team at collegeinfo@cccinfo.org.  It will be our pleasure to get back to you within 24 hours!



In your first year of high school, college may seem far away but you will be surprised to see how quickly you advance to your senior year.  If you get on the right track now, you'll be ahead of the game by graduation time.

• Make sure you are enrolled in challenging classes that will help you prepare for college
• Get involved with extracurricular activities in school and outside of school
• Attend college fairs in your area
• Learn about college costs and how financial aid work
• Sign up for college prep courses

Create a folder and keep all your high school grades, activities, and deadline information inside of it.


Most colleges prefer four years of English, history, math, science, and a foreign language. To help you prepare for the next two years and get you on the road to college, take a good look at all your classes and extracurricular courses this year. 


You'll have a busy year doing the following:

• Handling challenging schoolwork for classes
• Taking important exams (PSAT, SAT and ACT)
• Researching colleges (think of preferences, create a college campus checklist and visit colleges)
• Volunteering in your school and in the community to become well rounded

Register for www.Fastweb.com a free college search website.


Stay on track by getting organized.

• Finalize your college list and identify the top 9
• Collect college applications and organize what is required to complete them
• Put together a portfolio that includes pertinent information about you
• Ask for application fee waivers when you visit colleges
• Get recommendation letters from teachers early
• Apply for financial aid as early as January
• Keep up your attendance and your grades!

Above information obtained from www.collegeboard.com

#1 - The AARP Foundation Women's Scholarship Program provides scholarship funds to low-income women who are over the age of 50, and are seeking new job skills, training, and educational opportunities. Learn more atwww.scholarshipsonline.org/2012/04/aarp-foundation-womens-scholarsh...

#2 - The Betty Rendel Scholarship
 is available to female undergraduates each year who are attending a four-year accredited college or university and majoring in political science, government or economics. It is open to women across the nation. Learn more at www.scholarshipsonline.org/2013/04/betty-rendel-scholarship.html

#3 - The Women's Independence Scholarship Program, Inc.
 helps women who have survived domestic violence to return to school and become self-sufficient. The primary candidates are single mothers with young children who lack the resources to attend college. Learn more at www.scholarshipsonline.org/2013/04/womens-independence-scholarship-...

#4 - The Miss America Scholarship Fund
 offers scholarships to over 12,000 young women who compete in the state and local competitions as well as Miss America first place winner, four runners-up, semi-finalists and non-finalists. Learn more at  www.scholarshipsonline.org/2013/03/miss-america-scholarship-fund.html

#5 - The Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship
 is open to female undergraduate seniors or female students enrolled in a graduate program and studying Computer Science or Computer Engineering. Learn more atwww.scholarshipsonline.org/2013/01/google-anita-borg-memorial-schol...

#6 - The Young Women In Public Affairs Award
 is a scholarship for young women age 16 to 19 with an interest in public affairs who plan to enroll in college. Learn more at www.scholarshipsonline.org/2012/11/young-women-in-public-affairs-aw...

#7 - The Talbots Scholarship Program
 awards one-time scholarships to women who want to go back to school to earn their undergraduate degree after graduating from high school or receiving their GED at least ten years ago. Learn more at  www.scholarshipsonline.org/2012/11/the-talbots-scholarship-program....

#8 - The Go Red Multicultural scholarship
 champions greater inclusion of multicultural women in the nursing and medical industries, address important gaps in treatment, and ensure that all Americans have an opportunity to work with their healthcare providers to make the best choices that lead to good health. Learn more atwww.scholarshipsonline.org/2012/09/go-red-multicultural-scholarship...
#9 - The Jeannette Rankin Women's Scholarship Fund awards scholarships every year to low-income women who are 35 years of age or older. Learn more at www.scholarshipsonline.org/2012/05/jeanette-rankin-womens-scholarsh...

#10 - The AWG Minority Scholarship program
 encourages young minority women to pursue courses of education and careers in the field of geosciences. Learn more at www.scholarshipsonline.org/2012/04/awg-minority-scholarship.html

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