Connect Groups are CCC’s small group ministry. We believe God uses community to bring grace and transformation into our lives. Would you consider hosting a small group of your neighbors, friends or co-workers to discuss biblical principles for daily living? 

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The purpose of the Spiritual Life Institute is to offer courses of study that take you through a process of spiritual growth and development. 

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A comprehensive guidance, training, licensing and ordination program for those who have a recognized call to serve as a minister in the Ecclesiastical Order at CCC.


CCC’s nursery is more than a place for toddlers to play, it is where mothers gather, fellowship and share their parenting experiences, as they watch the live service on screen.


The Children’s Ministry emphasizes Sunday as the first day of school.

The curriculum is fun-filled and creatively designed for children 3 through 10 years old providing a healthy understanding of their Christian identification. It gives a fundamental understanding, of God, HIs Word, and the importance of the Biblical philosophy and lifestyle. Child-friendly classrooms capture our students’ attention and stimulate thinking and discussion. Activities include, praise and worship, Biblical instruction, group discussions and arts and crafts. Students are required to bring a notebook, Bible and writing instrument.


C3 Youth focuses on developing the necessary character and Christian conviction that prepares Junior High and High School students for Young Adulthood. C3 is a dynamic program that positively shapes the adolescent years in a fun-filled, learning and growing environment.
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|cul•ti•vate| ranges from 20-35 years of age, both single and married. They seek to make Christ a central part of their life experience. We invite you to join this group of well-grounded Christian adults as they grow and fellowship together in Christ.
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This seasoned part of our membership are individuals who have lived life, weathered the storms, defied the odds and have become a source of wisdom, knowledge and understanding to others. At CCC, we affectionately refer to them as our "Silver Saints” (ages 55-59) and "Golden Saints” (ages 60+). Email for more information. They are points of light for the next generation.


Doing our part to end hunger on New York City streets.

Our mission is to provide a supermarket style environment where people are empowered to make selections based on their family needs.

We provide food and clothing to well over 150 individuals and families on a weekly basis.  The food assistance program also serves as an emergency food program for those in immediate need and those who have experienced temporary setbacks.  

We accept donations such as food, new or gently used shoes and clothing, toiletries and other personal care items.

Please contact the food assistance program if you or someone you know is in need of our services, would like to make a donation or desires to volunteer.  You can reach the food assistance program through the following options:

General Line:  718-306-1000

Stop by The CCC Annex at 716 Chester Street every Thursday from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM


CCC's Prison Ministry was founded years ago as a vehicle to disciple and evangelize incarcerated men and women by teaching them how to live life by seeing it from God's point of view. Acknowledging that all prisons are not constructed with steel and mortar, but can also be created in the mind, these individuals are encouraged to take responsibility for their thoughts, words and actions. Although our prison Bible Studies have been concentrated in upstate New York, other penal institutions across the state are reached via correspondence.


Are you uninsured or underinsured?  Are you struggling with the rising costs of prescription medication?

Pastor A. R. and Elder Karen Bernard have found a way to help alleviate some of the rising costs associated with the purchasing of prescription drugs.

Member Benefits: 
•  Everyone Qualifies, no age limit or pre-existing condition restrictions
•  Immediate Acceptance, no waiting period
•  No membership or enrollment fees
•  Instant activation
•  No Limit on Usage
•  Savings on brand name and generic drugs as well as drugs not covered on other plans.
•  Accepted At Over 55,000 Pharmacies
•  Website access to a pharmacy locator and medication pricing

With Envision’s Prescription Drug Card, you will receive the lowest price available for your medication at over 55,000 pharmacies, including all major chains.  Simply present your card at a participating pharmacy and save on many of your prescription drugs.  You, your family, and your friends may use the savings card any time your prescription is not covered by insurance.  It even works for many pet medications!  Finding a pharmacy is easy:  8 out of 10 pharmacies nationwide accept your savings card.

There is also a convenient option for home or office delivery through the Mail Service affiliate, Orchard Pharmaceutical Services.  Visit or call (866) 909-5170.

Click here to download the Prescription Savings Card.
Click here for Drug Pricing.
Click here to locate a participating Pharmacy. 
Please note that while this card provides discounts, it is not insurance.



In your first year of high school, college may seem far away but you will be surprised to see how quickly you advance to your senior year.  If you get on the right track now, you'll be ahead of the game by graduation time.
• Make sure you are enrolled in challenging classes that will help you prepare for college
• Get involved with extracurricular activities in school and outside of school
• Attend college fairs in your area
• Learn about college costs and how financial aid work
• Sign up for college prep courses
Create a folder and keep all your high school grades, activities, and deadline information inside of it.

Most colleges prefer four years of English, history, math, science, and a foreign language. To help you prepare for the next two years and get you on the road to college, take a good look at all your classes and extracurricular courses this year. 

You'll have a busy year doing the following:
• Handling challenging schoolwork for classes
• Taking important exams (PSAT, SAT and ACT) 
• Researching colleges (think of preferences, create a college campus checklist and visit colleges)
• Volunteering in your school and in the community to become well rounded
Register for a free college search website.

Stay on track by getting organized.
• Finalize your college list and identify the top 9
• Collect college applications and organize what is required to complete them
• Put together a portfolio that includes pertinent information about you
• Ask for application fee waivers when you visit colleges
• Get recommendation letters from teachers early
• Apply for financial aid as early as January
• Keep up your attendance and your grades! 

Above information obtained from

Top 2016 Scholarships and Financial Aid for Students, Parents and Teachers

GoodCall Scholarship Search Engine


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Click here for information on the NYPD Cadet Corps Orientation


CCC believes that the goal of marriage is oneness. The CCC Married Couples Ministry provides biblically-based relationship education, prayer synergies, marriage mentoring and special events to strengthen and develop marriages. For more information contact us at


The CCC Singles Ministry is designed to encourage single men and women in developing a Christ-centered worldview and community. The Singles Ministry provides biblical instructions, seminars, community service and fellowship events. For more information contact us at


The  Women’s Ministry, under the leadership and direction of Pastor Karen Bernard, is a vehicle by which women can obtain excellence through education, networking, mentoring and accountability. Women assist each other by maximizing and submitting their talents and resources in accordance with God’s divine order to meet the needs of family, community and self. They come together to be inspired and empowered through prayer meetings, conferences, fellowships and a surrendering to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Women are elevated above diversity and knitted together by a common bond of vision, purpose and goodwill.  For more information contact us at


The International Christian Brotherhood (ICB) was founded by Reverend A.R. Bernard to train men in Christ-likeness as the standard for manhood.  We are the official men's ministry of CCC and we exist to strengthen, partner and establish other men's ministries around the world.  We are training and transforming lives through our events, community service, special classes and our Manhood Curriculum.  Will you join us?  Find out more at


Our mission statement is “To provide an accountability network that informs and inspires student and family towards academic success.” We want to “synergize”, or bring all entities in a student's life together to empower them to be successful in today's society. The methods we use include: (but are not limited to) tutoring, college prep, SAT prep, creative writing workshops and college fairs. 

Our other focus is equipping our parent/guardians with the support that they need. We accomplish this through our "Parent Advocacy Network" (P.A.N), which provides the resources that will help them guide their students on their academic journey.  To register your student for the next Synergies Saturday School, please check our Online Registration page here, or for more information please contact us at


The SEEDS Ministry seeks to facilitate, in excellence, the connection between the d/Deaf community and Christ through the American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation of God's word. SEEDS also endeavors to be a ministry that allows both hearing and d/Deaf individuals the ability and privilege to co-labor in the quest for the advancement and expansion of the Kingdom of God. 
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