"All growth is spiritual.  All growth is a process!" A. R. Bernard

These two principles are basic to the philosophy of Christian Cultural Center
when it comes to spiritual growth and development. 

In a world of instant coffee and everything microwave, the desire for "instant spiritual growth" has infected the Church of Jesus Christ.  Many Christians are misdirected by various teachings that promise instant power, success, and prosperity without the process of spiritual formation that leads to spiritual maturity. 

They look for supernatural experiences, miraculous turning points, and instant solutions
to their problems, but true joy and lasting victory doesn't come that way. 

"God's design is that we are seasoned into maturity through a continual process of growth." (J MacArthur) 

The purpose of the Spiritual Life Institute is just that, to offer courses of study that take
you through a process of spiritual growth and development that leads to spiritual maturity. 

We take the basic doctrines of our Christian Faith and present them in a practical way for successful Christian living. The curriculum is exciting, challenging, dynamic and includes the teachings of our founder Pastor A. R. Bernard. 

Real growth takes time, truth and relationships (with God, self and people). 

Life is more than a destination, it is a journey!  We welcome you to join us
in the journey of spiritual growth and development through SLI.