When completing the assessment, please keep the following in mind:

  1. In this assessment, you will learn more about yourself by responding according to your actual characteristics, not the ones you might desire. You might receive confirmation, or make a priceless discovery!
  2. The questions are designed to assist you with discovering your spiritual gifts.  You may agree or disagree some of the results.  In either case, the point of the assessment is to offer insight and encourage you to think about your unique design.
  3. You only need to take the Spiritual Gifts Assessment, not the Personality Assessment, or the Management Style Assessment (although you are certainly free to do so). 
  4. Once you complete the assessment, you are only required to enter your name, email address and password in order to receive your results by e-mail.  You DO NOT need to enter all of the additional information. 
  5. Important: please be sure and UNCHECK the JOIN OUR MAIL LIST option, otherwise you may inadvertently receive unwanted email from our portal partner.