CCC Is a fusion of Cathedral, a touch of Smithsonian, and College Campus—in other words, the integration of the sacred, the institutional, and the intellectual to create a dynamic worship and spiritual growth experience.



The worship space at CCC is vibrant, modern and aesthetically energizing. The worship experience is dynamic yet reverential, relevant yet true to the orthodoxy of the Christian faith. The campus is a "third place" where people find community apart from work and home. In this "third space" people are welcomed into a life of spiritual growth and personal mission.



In partnership with Seminaries and Cultural Institutions CCC has a gallery that displays original and ancient Biblical literature, manuscripts and artifacts making it a cultural as well as spiritual destination. With a clear vision, mission and organizational philosophy, structure and programs, CCC is a model of order, consistency, spiritual growth and stability.



CCC's vision is, of the church, as a learning center. Besides its Spiritual Life Institute and Center for Biblical Studies, every Sunday the sanctuary is converted into a college classroom where spiritual seekers, novice and mature Christians of all ages can experience constant renewal of spirit, mind and body.