Christian Cultural Center depends on the generosity of our members, friends and partners in ministry to maintain our beautiful campuses and facilities.  Weekly, thousands receive hope, encouragement and growth in their faith.  Especially important are the many lives that are shown the love and compassion of Christ through our missionary efforts at home and abroad.

Every donation is greatly appreciated and treated with prayer for efficient use to further the work of Christ on the earth. Thank you for your generosity!

Online Giving

If you're on a smartphone or tablet you can also donate to Christian Cultural Center using this option for giving. 
By setting up an online profile, you can easily and quickly take action on your generosity and: 

  • Give by debit card, credit card & echeck
  • Securely save your credit card or debit card info
  • Set up recurring giving
  • Track your giving history


- Simply send your donation amount by text to 718-705-4336.  The donation amount goes in the Text Message field. 
- For the first text you send you will be prompted with a one-time registration screen. 
- Simply fill out all the necessary fields on the registration screen.  
- You will get a confirmation message for each of your successful donations after the initial setup. 

*Works from ANY mobile phone, even flip phones (as long as they support texting or SMS).

If you wish to donate to a specific fund simply type the amount & the fund in the text message field.  
For example: ($100 Offering). 

List of Funds

By texting the word “Funds” to (718) 705-4336, you will receive a reply text including a list of the fund names to which you can donate. Once you receive this list, you are able to text the desired giving amount plus the specific fund name in order to have money allocated. For example if Mrs. Smith is excited about the new youth center building, she would then be able to text $50 Building Fund to have her donation for the building fund submitted.


  • Tithe

  • Offering

  • Building Fund

  • Radio/TV Ministry

  • Relief Fund/Missions

  • Special Gift for Pastors & Elders

  • C3 Youth Ministry

  • Other

  • FAP - Food Assistance Program

  • LI - CCC LI Campus


We can all get by with a little help from our phones, and texting “Help” to (718) 705-4336 will send a supportive response. The reply message will give you instructions on how to proceed, such as how to give a certain amount or how to select a specific fund. It’s that simple!


If your credit card information has changed, we’ve made it even easier to update it in your text giving system. By texting the word “Reset” to (718) 705-4336, you will receive a message that the credit card information has been removed, as well as instructions on how to enter the new information next time a donation is made.


Estate Planning

Often our members and friends consider CCC in their estate plans. If you would like to include CCC in your will or living trust, create a charitable gift or annuity, or make a gift through a Retirement Account, please contact Anissa Pugh at 718-306-1000 or