The Dance Division’s thrust is interpretive dance.  Utilizing the expressive dance forms of modern, jazz, mime, and the movement of worship; a unique blend of contemporary gospel dancing is created.


The Drama Division is a multi-talented staff of adults and children that are equipped to perform on several production levels, ranging from a short skit to a full scale Broadway musical production.  You’ll be sure to experience the Broadway show atmosphere of professionalism, creativity, and energy.  Audiences are compelled to laugh, cry and experience the full range of human emotions. 



The CCC Singers are able to create a musical environment that touches the heart and soul of their listeners.  This unique ability, draws men and women out of their present concerns into an atmosphere of peace, love and joy.  The vocal and musical selections vary in style from Traditional to Contemporary Gospel while occasionally incorporating the idiom of Jazz.

Rappers are also incorporated to speak the language of today’s youth in a clear and positive voice.  This group is extremely versatile, whether performing as a choir, ensemble, trios or as harmonic duets, you can be sure you will experience a musical presentation of excellence.



The music team is actually made up of several small bands that were individually created to meet the heavy demands of Christian Cultural Center’s Creative Arts Department.  The orchestration is comprised of a rhythm section, reeds, brass and percussion, standard in many music ministries today…but there is a unique blend of jazz, hip-hop and rap exposure in our praise when the choir gets to praisin’ the Lord! The heart of the music team shines forth in their efforts to praise the Lord with their instruments and a lot of time is put into assuring the praise team lets the Holy Spirit lead our worship time.