Grace Under Fire: What to Do When God Hasn't Chosen You, Yet

Post by Elisia Downing

Post by Elisia Downing

As members of the body of Christ, we live our lives with great expectations of God's blessings. As we wait, seek and ask God for promotion - we must be still and remember that our timing is not always in alignment with God's timing, and that our pathway is not always the road that He intends for us to travel. However, if we are patient and wait on God - the time and season will come for Him to elevate and promote us into the position that He has prepared for us (Proverbs 5:6). As we seek to live a life that is pleasing to our heavenly father, we must not become complacent but always work to the best of our ability to function in a capacity that is disciplined, practical and that honors what we stand for as believers.

There will be times that we will be challenged to endure long seasons of waiting. What we do not often realize, is that delay does not always mean denial.

There will be times that we will be challenged to endure long seasons of waiting. What we do not often realize, is that delay does not always mean denial. We may be delayed because we are not mature enough to manage what God is preparing for us. We may be delayed, in order for Him to create the shift that allows us to move forward (Romans 8:25). We may be delayed, so that we can appreciate the blessing and realize that it is such - when God is ready. The Word speaks of humility before honor (Proverbs 15:33). Before promotion comes, we must be humble enough to learn, to listen, and to develop the strength that we will need to endure what comes after the elevation. While success shines brilliant, it does not come without a price. If God has not prepared your heart for the trial - you will crumble under the pressure that comes with the reward of honor. Each day, we are blessed to be a blessing unto others. This is a gift that does not require the valor of a title. As we pray for God to promote us - we must also ask why it is that we are seeking promotion. Is it for financial gain? Is it for the sake of vanity? Or, is it so that we can be used by God as a vehicle for progress?

Promotion is not relegated to our professional lives - it is also a tool that can be used to develop our relationships in marriage, as singles, in family, and in finance. We have not been created by a mediocre God, therefore we have not been created to live mediocre lives. While we wait on God for promotion, we must always seek to learn and to add value to the various communities that we are a part of. Always remember, one is not fit to receive, what one is not equipped to give. While we wait on God to arrive at a new level, we must pray and become diligent at working to ensure that our intent is pure, that we are emotionally healthy, and that we are spiritually sound in Him to receive what we are asking for (Ephesians 2:8-9). While in prayer - ask for a strategy to help you live as your best self. As you become stronger and execute the strategy that God has revealed, what you seek will come swiftly and at times without expectation. Make sure that you are ready to receive - and to run into your destiny.