God Is Relaxing on a Beautiful Beach, Today!

Post by Darlene Aiken

Post by Darlene Aiken

Matthew 10:30 KJV says, “But the very hairs of your head are all numbered.” Placing emphasis on the word “all” is one of many indications that our God is beyond AWESOME in every imaginable and non-imaginable manner. For we do not even know how many hairs we have upon our own head. Should we ever decide to take on the feat of counting our individual hairs on our head, we'd have to begin over every second, as according to Dr. Oz, the average person sheds approximately 50 to 100 hairs everyday. So, without knowing what part of the day the hair sheds, does it all shed at once, more in the day or night, etc. how do we begin to count. Who is even interested or have that kind of time?

Since His Word also states, in Romans 2:11 (NIV) for God does not show favoritism, this would include all people. If you notice above, I spoke about Dr. Oz who stated the average person, however God possesses knowledge about ALL people, creation, and things already created and not yet created.

Now, given what I have spoken about the above, I'd like to ask each person reading this to really take a moment to meditate on what I'm about to say.

Since our God is ALL knowing and He's known what He knows before we were even thought about. He knows what He's known before our parent's parent's Parent's and so on were thought about, that means He knows the path that He designed for us to take and He knows the path that we will actually take. He knows some of us are super hardheaded (I admit that this would be my category - insert me kneeling for repentance prayer here), some of us are hearers, some of us are doers, it took some of us a long time to become believers, some are not yet believers, and so on. The beauty is He already knows our path and He has already made provision.

God has already allowed Satan to do whatever he is doing with a limited time in which to operate. Everything that Satan and his cohorts indulge in, plan to do, are planning to plan, is with God's permission. This includes those who have not even been born as of yet.

God knows who He is going to use and in what capacity. He already knows His plan for whatever situation we are facing right now. He already knows the outcome. In fact, He already knows that based upon our actions, lack of actions, words, lack of words, obedience, lack of obedience, praise, lack of praise, who we will effect and affect. What type of testimony we'll have and the timing of it.

God is waiting on all (there's that big little word again) of us to recognize and fall in line exactly where He already knows we're going to end up. God is bored because He is just waiting, I imagine on a beautiful beach today waiting for us to catch up to what He already knows. We just have to not only read His Word and implement it, but do so with complete FAITH. Then and only then can we begin to live according to God's plan for us without worry nor fear.