He Didn't Do All That!

Post by Carla Nelson

Post by Carla Nelson

There is a joke that talks about how the devil was sitting a long side the road crying. One of his demons approached him and asked, “Satan why are you crying? What has you so upset?” Satan slobbering all over himself answered between moments of catching his breath, “Yes, yes I have done a lot of wrong and enjoyed doing it, but some of this they blamed me for I didn't do."

Funny, I looked this morning on my Facebook feed and low and behold someone posts a pic of a boot on their car saying the devil tried to stop them. Stop it!!! You didn’t pay them dog gone tickets and trying to blame the devil! Now ain’t that something and I know in my life I’ve done the same thing tons of times. There are a variety of reasons for things we endure, for now let’s explore reaping and sowing. 

We reap what we have sown or didn’t sow and often times what has been sown for us. Know your family history, you may have to be the cleanup man or woman and let the buck stop with you. 

“Yet he does not leave the guilty unpunished; he punishes the children and their children
for the sin of the parents to the third and fourth generation.”
Exodus 34:7 NIV

Sowing lack (not giving tithes) well you might reap lack. If you get money and it’s like your pockets have holes because something else goes wrong as soon as you get it, well what have you been sowing? Been there done that so I can talk about it. Tithing works trust me on that. No more lack!


Let’s take our bodies (health), if we sow junk into our bodies and sow no exercise, no preventative maintenance, overwhelm it with excess weight then what type of performance are we going to reap out of our bodies? Poor health. Trust me on that one too. I was over burdening my body with surplus weight and after losing that weight I can walk better, get up better from seated positions, dress better and even my feet are smaller so I’m better all-around and I’m not as tired climbing stairs.

Unforgiveness, hmmm… yep trust me on this one too. I previously shared my testimony about the allergy I had for what about 15 years because of resentment in my heart. Got the resentment out of my heart and the allergy went too. I was sowing corruption into my soul like poison and it was overflowing to my body. No more hives breakouts and no more money for medication; oops even got to keep more money because of decreased expenses.

My life truly began to evolve into something amazing when I accepted responsibility for these things and started becoming the change I wanted to see. I was always taught to make sure you go into a new year with a clean house. “How you end the year is how you'll start it out” they would say “don’t have no dirty clothes in your house”, etc. (superstition another problem from my family). Granted there is some truth in everything. The thing is, as I heard someone say the other day, “Your house isn't clean unless the closet is clean.” Just remember if you want things to end up right, you have to start out right. Have an awesome 20-16, clean your closets and your house too, to reap much continued success.