What Condition is your Attitude!

Post by Pastor A. R. Bernard

Gifted People Fired for Bad Attitudes – Per ABC Good Morning America Report November 8, 2005 7AM

- Terrell Owens, former Philadelphia Eagles Football Team player was let go not because of his game but because of his mouth.
- College Basketball Coach Bobby Knight was fired from Indiana for throwing chairs and tantrums.
- The great General Douglas McArthur was fired in the middle of the Korean War because of a bad attitude.
- Actress Shannon Dougherty was fired from the hit TV show Beverley Hills 90210 for a bad attitude.
- A film Director once said Marilyn Monroe was worth a week’s torment just to get those three luminous minutes on the screen. But even she was let go from her last picture.
- How much should we take of someone’s bad attitude? When someone’s bad attitude begins to hurt morale, it’s time to call it quits.
- When one person’s bad attitude overshadows everybody else their performance or great ability is no longer as important as their attitude. 


“It has been said that life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to what happens to you.  So it is in your hands...you are in charge of your attitude!”